Welcome to New Hope Children’s Foundation

With anguish of heart, Peter cried out his generation. “Save yourselves from this untoward generations.”

And now, some two thousand years later, we of New Hope Children’s Foundation are blessed to point another generation, that is without hope to the love, grace and hope available through Jesus Christ.

New Hope Children’s Foundation has many goals, but only one vision. Foremost in our hearts and minds is that of caring for the souls of a “lost generation” of Children. Children who are lost in poverty, lost without knowledge to read, write or work. But most importantly lost spiritually.

Through the ministry of New Hope, the “Good News” is this generation of boys and girls now have the opportunity to receive a far superior education and vocational training than most other Nicaraguan Children. New Hope is Educating Children who would otherwise grow up without an education, no matter how big the cost.

The most rewarding thing is that, more and more children are learning that there is a remedy for their hopelessness and that hope is in the person of Jesus Christ.

Our New Hope Children’s Video


Caring for the souls of a “lost generation” of Children.


Reaching the lost in the new generation with the word of God and bringing the good news.

Together; we are helping to change the lives of children for eternity. Not only are we making a difference in the earthly future of these children, but their future in eternity as well.